We make our profits by accepting inventions and then successfully commercializing some of them. Below are examples of submissions Invention City has accepted over the past two years.

Submit Your Invention for Brutally Honest Review

Like other risky investments, inventing is a form of gambling. Even the most amazing inventions are more likely to fail than succeed. The hard fact is that when we make an offer for a licensing deal to an invention, the odds are around 90% that it will NOT make us any money (that is why we are picky). The good news for inventors is that once Invention City takes on the project, the inventor is not asked to spend anything more out of pocket. In other words, if you pay $95 for a Brutally Honest Review, that is all you will spend, even if the cost of going forward for patents, prototypes, travel, presentations, video production etc. exceeds $100,000+ (watch this video). If we reach a dead end with your invention, we return rights to you (along with our development and presentation efforts) so you can continue forward on your own without any obligation or debt to us. In short, whether we succeed or fail, we move your invention forward at our expense, not yours.

The projects we have taken on cover a wide range of product categories targeting consumer, industrial, sports, medical, and transportation markets, ranging from under $1 million to upwards of $10 billion in annual potential sales. That said, our current sweet spot in this age of social distancing is for consumer-oriented products that can be sold online used in and around the house.

Updated May 2020:

Travel Mug
License offered and under consideration

Knee Brace for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Representation Deal - Active

Alternative to Meat Thermometer
Licensed - Active

Tofu Cooking Accessory
Licensed - Active

Remote Control for Children
Licensed - Active

Lint Roller
Licensed - Active

Halloween Decoration
Licensed - Active

USB Power Accessory
Licensed - Active

Toilet Paper Dispenser
Licensed - Active

Decoration for Canes and Walkers
Licensed - Active

Health and Beauty Accessory for Lips
Licensed- Active

Painting Accessory
Licensed - Active

Tusker™ Sidetooth Plunger Oscillating Saw Blade
Marketing Deal - Being sold on Amazon

VertiGrille™ - BBQ, oven, smoker accessory
Licensing/Manufacturing/Marketing - See website

Image Lock® - Combination lock that uses images rather than numbers.
Kickstarter Produced and Run by I-City
Now available at Amazon - Newest version has emojis!

Overhead Garage Door System
License Offered / Declined

Garbage Can for Kitchens
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Ruching Accessory
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Pick-Up Truck Accessory
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Car Finder
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Microwave Accessory
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

No Dings® Car Door Protector
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Water Leak Detection for Home Owners
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Energy Efficient Thruster - Meaningful improvement to thrusters for ships and offshore oil wells
Licensed - Discovered unknown prior art - Returned to Inventor

Arterial Blood Gas Kit - Improved version of ABG kit
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Oil Well Maintenance Tool - Improved version of X-Line running tool.
Licensed - Inventor Uncooperative - Deal Terminated

Pain Relief Cream - All natural pain relief cream for arthritis and more
Distribution Deal Offered - Inactive

Nightmare Protection Device for Children (placebo)
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Stove Top Cooking Accessory - Alternative to air fryer.
Licensed - Scheduled for retail Distribution January 2021
See inventors comments on working with Invention City here.

Gold Mining Tool
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Seat Belt Accessory
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

HVAC taping Tool
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

PKO2™ Altitude Adjustment Drink
Licensed - Not successful - Returned to Inventor

Carpenter’s Quick Square
Licensing Deal Offered, Declined by Inventor.

Pick-Up Truck Accessory - Protective cover system
Representation Deal - Engaged with numerous potential licensees without success. Inactive.

Binding System - lower cost, environmentally friendly binding system
Stage of Development: Refined working prototype, issued patents.

Representation Deal
Evaluated invention and market to establish a price for offering the invention in buy-out negotiations with a Fortune 500 corporation. I-City managed talks and came close to a deal. Deal ultimately failed because of declining category demand (less use of paper). Followed up with additional presentations, travelled to Amsterdam to meet with inventor and suppliers. Total investment by I-City of $15,000.
Inventor Payment to I-City: $95

Bed Bug Protection Device
Represented by I-City
Renegotiated licensing deal on behalf of inventor. Created new invention based on inventor’s concept and assigned invention to inventor. Revised deal will pay out approximately $1,000,000.

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