We make most of our profits by accepting inventions and then successfully commercializing some of them. Below are some examples of submissions Invention City has accepted over the past few years.

Submit your invention for a Brutally Honest Review

Like other risky investments, inventing is a form of gambling. Even the most amazing inventions are more likely to fail than succeed. The hard fact is that when we offer a licensing deal, the odds are around 90% that the invention will NOT make us any money (that is why we are picky). The good news for inventors is that once Invention City takes on the project, the inventor is not asked to spend anything more out of pocket. In other words, if you pay $95 for a Classic Brutally Honest Review, that is all you will spend, even if the cost of going forward for patents, prototypes, travel, presentations, video production etc. exceeds $100,000+ (watch this video). If we reach a dead end with your invention, we return rights to you (along with our development and presentation efforts) so you can continue forward on your own without any obligation or debt to us. In short, whether we succeed or fail, we move your invention forward at our expense, not yours.

The projects we have taken on cover a wide range of product categories targeting consumer, industrial, sports, medical, and transportation markets, ranging from under $1 million to upwards of $10 billion in annual potential sales. That said, our current sweet spot in this age of social distancing is for consumer-oriented products that can be sold online used in and around the house.

Examples of Recent "YES" Inventions

Updated January 2023

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