Influencer Marketing

Reach your target audience through someone they trust.

Collaborate with individuals who have a strong social media presence to promote your new product.

If prototypes or samples can be sent at a reasonable cost and you have taken steps to protect your intellectual property, then you should consider Influencer Marketing. This type of marketing is especially valuable if you're running a crowd funding or pre-launch campaign, or seeking to add a new dimension to traditional advertising.

The benefits of influencer marketing are:

  1. Increased brand and product awareness: By partnering with an influencer, a you can tap into the influencer's audience and leverage their credibility to promote your product.
  2. Higher engagement rates: Influencer marketing typically results in higher engagement rates than traditional advertising methods. Influencers have built a loyal following, and their followers trust their recommendations. As a result, when an influencer promotes a brand or product, their followers are more likely to engage with the content and take action.
  3. Targeted audience: With the right influencers you can reach specific audiences that align with your target market.
  4. Authenticity: Influencers are seen as trustworthy by their followers, and their endorsement of a brand or product is perceived as authentic. This can result in increased trust and more conversions.
  5. Cost-effective: Influencer marketing can be cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. Brands can partner with micro-influencers who have smaller followings but are still effective at promoting products or services. Additionally, influencer marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods like TV commercials or billboards.

Overall, influencer marketing can be a valuable tool for inventors and start-ups to reach target audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Here is a typical Invention City plan for reaching out to social media influencers Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and beyond:

  1. Identify people with audiences of 10,000+ and growing
  2. Create a list of contact names and email/text addresses.
  3. Draft and send out personalized emails (with client approval) from client's email account
  4. Arrange to send product samples
  5. Follow up email shortly after samples have been received
  6. Follow up email 1 month after samples have been received

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