Services for Inventors

Full service help for every step of the invention process - from idea through retail product

Bring Your Ideas to Life Through Honest Inventing


Invention City offers multiple ways to help you turn your idea into a commercial product. Our services are custom built around your goals and resources together with data we collect that is specific to your invention and guided by our decades of real world experience in every aspect inventing. We work hard to minimize your costs and maximize your chances of outsize rewards.

Our Services by Development Stage:

Stage 1: Idea

  • Concept Development: Fast-track your initial idea into a feasible concept.
  • IP Protection: Secure patents, trademarks, copyrights and domains.
  • Prior Art Review: Verify the novelty of your idea.
  • Market Validation: Assess market demand through targeted surveys.
  • Design Services: Get quick, professional 3D visuals and digital presentations.

Stage 2: Partially Developed

  • Engineering Design: Enhance product design for better functionality, lower manufacturing cost and aesthetics.
  • Prototyping: Develop and refine prototypes to ensure product effectiveness and appeal,

Stage 3: Fully Developed

  • Crowd Funding Assistance: Run a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital in advance of production.
  • Business Plan Assistance: Get help writing your plan.
  • Licensing Support: Navigate the complexities of licensing your product.
  • Manufacturing Coordination: From sourcing to warehousing, streamline your production.
  • Branding & Packaging: Develop impactful branding and packaging.
  • Marketing & Sales: Execute efficient marketing strategies and sales operations.

Our Honest Inventing Approach: We view you and your invention as unique. Our approach is built on an agile process using feedback loops to refine the product with data-driven decisions and strategic adjustments based on real-world insights. This method helps avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary effort.

Take Action: Begin your journey by booking a free consultation today. Let's make your idea a reality through thoughtful, informed steps!

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