The Tofu Master makes draining, marinating and cubing tofu faster and easier than ever before.

Product: Tofu Master
Category: Kitchen
Inventor: Lars Rannes

How It Works

  1. Place the tofu block in the draining tray. Put the top on and push down to exert pressure on the tofu. Wait 15-30 minutes.
  2. Empty the water, replace the draining tray with the cutting tray. Slice the tofu block horizontally and place in cutting tray. Put on the top and push down.
  3. Marinate the tofu cubes with your favorite marinade.
  4. Serve or cook.

Development Status

  • Working Prototype

Intellectual Property

  • Patent Pending (PPA)
  • Trademarks claimed on "Kotofu" and "Tofu Master"
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