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We offer programs for every stage of development, budget and desired level of assistance. A great first step for most inventors is our Brutally Honest Review. In a Brutally Honest Review you'll get honest feedback on your invention idea, suggestions for next steps and maybe an immediate offer to license your invention idea without any further investment on your part. Invention City is different from other invention companies. Here's how.


    Submit your invention for a possible licensing deal, honest feedback and suggestions for next steps.
    In a Brutally Honest Review we look at your invention as a possible investor. Your invention can be at any stage. If we say yes, we offer you a licensing deal where you don't spend anything more. A no from us will help you make better decisions that could save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. $95 one time fee. Get Started
  • Leveraged Inventing
    Learn the process of licensing and growing your invention. We provide customized framework and services to move you forward like a pro. We outline how and when you should complete each step of the process while providing assistance. Get Started
    Submit your invention for a possible licensing deal for free. Homework is required and no feedback or suggestions are provided. This program is ideal for experienced inventors who are seeking another possible path for moving forward. Get Started

Product Development

  • PPS Pro Survey
    Find out if your product will be a success. The most important question is are people willing to buy your invention. Completing a survey will help you find if there is a customer basis. Get Started
    Get an invention prototype. 3D images, animation, virtual models, and working prototypes. Get Started
    Find manufacturers
    to license your invention or manufacturers to make it for you through our Invention Pilot program. Get Started


    Help with research, opinions, patent drawings, domestic and international patent filings and more.
    Invention City provides services and referrals. Get Started
    The Brutally Honest Review is a low cost option for a review of prior art and an opinion on commercial viability. A search of prior art is a critical first step in the patent process and we often find prior art patents and products missed by dedicated patent search services. In addition to seeking out prior art, we provide feedback from an investor's perspective; this means we don't simply consider whether or not an invention can be patented, but consider whether or not it might get a "meaningful" patent - a patent that will actually have value to a potential licensee or start-up company. It's not a deep and definitive opinion' it's not a legal opinion, but it's an amazing value for just $95. Get Started

A La Carte Services

Contract review and negotiation, sourcing manufacturing, running crowd funding campaigns and more. If you need help with product development and commercialization we can either help you or point you in the right direction. Email:



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