PPS Pro Survey Program

Protect - Present - Survey

Will enough customers buy your invention for a price that offers you a good return on investment? That is the bottom line question every inventor should ask before proceeding on the long and expensive road from development to commercialization. A survey that asks that question the right way can offer a meaningful answer. The survey must:

  • Ensure that the potential customers being surveyed are representative of the market.
  • Ask in a neutral way that does not skew the answers.
  • Directly ask if they would like to buy the product for price $_____ soon vs later or never.
  • Ask if they would consider buying the product for a different price to find what the possible customer thinks the value of the invention is.
  • Make a clean and accurate presentation of your invention that presents all of the benefits but also acknowledges drawbacks (and in some cases, directly competitive and alternative solutions).
  • Protect your invention prior to public disclosure.
  • For more information on surveys and how to conduct one yourself, click here.

We recommend trying our free Inventicator and $95 Brutally Honest Review before continuing with a PPS Pro survey.

Invention City’s PPS Pro Survey covers all of the bases in a cost effective manner and can give you the basis for making good decisions for yourself and (if results are positive) compelling licensing and investor presentations to others.


  • Provisional Patent Application Filing
    Cost range: $400 - $1500
  • Sales Sheet and Video Presentation
    Cost range: $1500 - $3500
  • Survey Monkey Survey & Follow Up Consultation
    Cost range: $1000 - $2000
  • Survey Summary & Presentation
    Cost: $300
  • Total Package $3200+ depending on preferences and details

Contact mike@inventioncity.com to schedule a conversation to discuss details.

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