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The truth is out there, but finding people who will tell it can be hard. Here's the truth: inventing can be fun and profitable, but success requires work, intelligence and luck. Losses can outnumber wins and you need to keep the cost of losing low so that you can afford to keep going until you win.

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Over the years we've heard from many inventors who've spent thousands, tens of thousands and yes, even hundreds of thousands of dollars pursuing their dreams and failing. The goal of Invention City is to help inventors increase their chances of success, reduce the costs of failure and find great product ideas to commercialize. The Invention City team is comprised of successful inventors and entrepreneurs who've made their money by bringing new patented products to market and now want to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Read about us here.

We believe that inventors should do as much as they can on their own and then, when informed and ready, seek help and advice from providers who genuinely care. Our Brutally Honest Review is a great way to get professional feedback and a real chance for success. A visit to the info booth is a good way to get started. Be careful about disclosing proprietary and confidential information to anyone. We hope that your visit is productive. Please visit us often and let us know how we can make things better.

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Well Gun Shy....
written by Mike Marks , September 01, 2014

Without more details it's hard to know the full story of what happened 10 years ago. It's extremely rare for a company that accepts invention submissions to flat out knock off an invention submission. That's not the business model. Most companies, big corporations in particular, will offer you some sort of deal. if you refuse the deal then they might rip you off - but usually only if you've allowed them to get invested in your invention - in that case it's your fault too. Lesson #1 - be really careful about letting someone invest in your invention - only do that if you plan to get married.

The most likely scenario for a rip off is when you have a successful As Seen on TV product. If your invention proves itself on TV, even with good patents, you're likely to get knocked off.

There are also cases where a company is already working on something similar when you make a submission. Very hard to protect yourself against that... unless you have an issued patent (or a filed provisional with a filing date that's earlier than something they filed) that covers a key feature of the invention. In that case you're well positioned for a deal.

In any case, with regard to trusting Invention City or anyone else, I suggest you do your homework and look into what they've done in the past. In our case a great place to start is with the About Us page (see link at bottom of this page). You'll find that Invention City grew out of my experiences with WorkTools, Inc., a true garage start-up. You should also spend time reading Inventing 102 (drop down link under Inventing 101 above). I humbly submit that there is no one else in the publicly accessible inventing business who has our depth of real experience, knowledge, empathy for inventors and a track record of real success.

Feel free to email us or call us ask us questions directly

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Gun shy.........
written by Joanne Todd , September 01, 2014

Hello, excuse me if I may seem somewhat gun shy and paranoid but it's nothing personal directed toward this company. I have been burned before by submitting an idea (which they took and ran with 10 years ago) so please excuse me for being uneasy. How can I be sure I won't be taken advantage of again? I have a brilliant concept that will not only save the lives of countless people but will also be beneficial to a variety of other well established companies.
Convince me that I can once again put faith in complete strangers. What I have is original, brilliant and a much needed concept/idea so that I may push forward and share the wealth.
Thank you for your time and may I hear from you soon.
J. Todd

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