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Become a Registered Inventor in the Invention City Inventor Registry- Registering is free and is open to inventors and others active in the field of inventing. Invention City provides inventors and new product idea developers with information, resources and help for each stage of the inventing process:

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The inventing business can be a fun and tremendously rewarding profession or hobby. It can also be a costly exercise in frustration. The goal of Invention City is to minimize your frustration and maximize your fun and rewards.Invention City strives to maintain an environment where financial gain is won by insight, effort and risks taken wisely. You should exercise precautions before disclosing proprietary and confidential information to anyone. Invention City is not responsible for information, services and products acquired from third parties via this web site.

We hope that your visit is productive. Please visit us often and let us know how we can make things better. A visit to the information booth is a good way to become oriented with our site. First time inventors should spend some time reading Inventing 101. Learn about selling or licensing a new invention in Inventing 102.

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