Is Plant Based Meat an Opportunity for Inventors?

"Where's the Beef?"

Grilling and BBQ are hot during summer. A hot new(ish) thing this year (beyond the weather) is how we innovate with meat that doesn’t come from animals. BBQ traditionalists may scoff at the idea of grilling with anything other than real meat, but demand is big and growing and who better than people who love real meat to create great substitutes?

Plant based “meat” has been around for a while and many offerings are already on the market. Here’s an intro to some of the top brands. I haven’t tried any of these and can’t offer a specific opinion. But every now and then I'll try a veggie burger instead of the real thing. When I do, I like them fine. But nothing has come close to the bacon pepper-jack burger I get at our local pub. There’s room to innovate!

Synthetic meat is real meat at a cellular level, but it’s grown in a lab rather than on hooves or feet or with fins or shells. There aren’t any products on the market yet (that I’m aware of). But they’re getting closer. If you’re passionate about this field of innovation it could make sense to reach out to companies working in it to find out if they’re open to outsider innovators. Some of these companies are also developing alternatives to leather. Here’s a list to start with.


In the month of June, based on surveys we conducted, we saw 1 submission turn from “No we won't invest because the market is unclear” into a licensing deal. The invention is a cell phone-charging accessory from Canadian inventor Matthew Dewing and will be a great fit for our KlingK brand of phone accessories.

The Kling KONG™ itself is delayed… again… because of our ongoing struggle to bond a material that won’t crack, like nylon, with a material that will bend, like TPE or silicone. We now have a mechanical bonding solution (the elements grip each other) that will make the need for chemical bonding far less or even unnecessary. But this new solution may require an entirely new mold. When people ask why it takes so long to bring a product to market… things like this are why.

MEANWHILE, people who have received Kling KONGs love them and want more. So the good news is that there’s a market. We just have to get the thing made. Grrrr.

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