Invention City Updates - June 2023


The hot new thing this June continues to be AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the forms of text and image generation. If you haven’t tried them yet, you owe it to yourself to visit:

  • CHAT GPT Is imperfect but amazing at generating text that describes ideas and at answering general questions. There are possible issues with disclosure, so be careful about describing your idea precisely. But if you want to flesh out the concepts surrounding your idea, Chat GPT can be extremely helpful.

  • DALLE-E and MIDJOURNEY Are great tools for creating imaginative images based on text descriptions. It can be a bit frustrating to create a specific image - like a new product idea - but for illustrating ideas, these apps can be amazing. Again, be aware that images created on public AI platforms may be considered public disclosure

In the month of May, based on surveys we conducted, we saw 3 submissions turn from “No we won't invest because the market is unclear” into licensing deals. The inventions are in the following categories:


We’re hoping for great things with these inventions!

An Invention City licensing deal means that ICity will spend its time and money to try and commercialize the product and the inventor spends $0. There’s no guarantee the inventor will make money, but they will not spend anything more out of pocket.

We're making good progress on DreamCline™, a new product and a new company we formed with inventor Ric Bond. DreamCline that will revolutionize sleeping. Check it out here:

The Kling Kong and Woormpod phone accessories are poised to (re)launch soon. These products are AMAZING. Some users reported that products made in our first production run have been cracking. So, we put our marketing efforts on hold, and have been experimenting with different plastic resins and design changes.

We have many more exciting projects in house and I look forward to sharing details when I can.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… To answer questions about inventing and share information and experiences, we have created an Invention City Facebook group. What’s different about this group? It’s a place where you can get our professional opinions and feedback for FREE… provided you’re willing to have your questions and answers shared with the group.

Thank you for being a part of the Invention City community. Together, we can unleash the power of innovation and create a better future for all.

Wishing you endless inspiration and success,

Mike Marks

President, Invention City

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