Who To Contact to Pitch An Invention

Finding the right contact person increases the chances your invention will be seriously considered.

The best person to start with at a company is someone in the role of "Product Manager." There are different names for the function at different companies. As a rule, it's someone on the marketing side who is in charge of commercializing similar new products, the person who would, for example, present your invention to Walmart or negotiate with Amazon, once it's developed. Next best are people with titles like VP of Design. Try to avoid engineering (although you may end up there). Sales and marketing people love innovations regardless of where they come from, but engineering departments generally HATE outside submissions (they see innovation as THEIR job and you are stepping on their toes).

Trade shows are the best places to find (and meet) these people. But you can find contacts by using Linkedin and resources like ZoomInfo (or Lusha or any number of alternatives). You can google "product manager for product X" and you might get lucky.

It also never hurts to call a company cold and ask whoever answers the phone, "I have a great new invention for your company, who should I talk to?"

Finally, if you really don't know what to do, you can submit to us for free under a NDA. We'll probably say "no," but I promise we'll look at it:


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