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A little bit of homework will go a long way to saving you money and enhancing your invention's chances of success. Start with a simple google search for products that are similar to your idea. Look an Amazon and Alibaba. Then look for prior art patents at google/patents and espacenet. After taking those steps continue with the resources below:

Inventicator - Estimate the likelihood of your invention’s commercial success without disclosing proprietary and confidential information. Use results for non-confidential initial presentations to potential licensees and investors.

Money and Inventing - Invention City article - Methods and concepts for determining the potential value of an invention.

Invention City Survey - Learn the one question you must ask and how to ask it.

Brutally Honest Review - Invention City offers a unique service based on our decades of successes (and failures) in commercializing inventions through licensing deals and starting new businesses. While most invention companies seek to make their primary income from services, we focus on making money from successful licensing deals. This means that our incentives and goals closely match those of the inventors we work with.

Together with our partners we can help you at any stage of development with everything from patents and prototypes to creating Kickstarter campaigns, DRTV and product manufacturing. But regardless of the stage of your invention, we highly recommend that you begin your relationship with us with a Brutally Honest Review.

In a Brutally Honest Review we consider your invention with regard to alternative solutions, look for weaknesses in intellectual property, think about possible pitfalls in manufacturing, marketing and distribution and try to find other potential liabilities before considering the good stuff. We consider your invention as potential investors, because that is what we are.

If we say “yes” we’ll offer you a licensing deal where you will not be asked to risk another penny (you are free to decline our offer). We pay for all of the expenses we think necessary to try and commercialize your invention idea. Those expenses can include patents, prototypes, travel to trade shows, videos and more. There’s no guarantee we’ll succeed, but you can relax knowing that we’ll be spending our time and money rather than yours. The one time fee to review and consider your invention is $95.

Please don’t submit your invention idea in the expectation of getting a yes. The reason to submit your invention is to get honest feedback that will help you move forward like a professional, with knowledge that may help you improve your invention idea and will always help you spend your money wisely. We will also give you advice on alternative ways of going forward without us that may include, companies to contact for licensing yourself, service providers for patents and prototypes, Kickstarter outline and more.

All submissions are protected as confidential under our Confidentiality Agreement. Click here to learn more about the Brutally Honest Review. Invention City is rated A+ with the BBB.

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orthopedic surgeon

I got a patent of new technique for bone fixation which will change the career of bone surgery The advantages of my selectively locking nail over the already present interlocking nails are the following; 1. It reduces the time of surgery by about 50 %. 2. It reduces the exposure to radiation by more than 80% which is crucial not only for patients but also for surgeons who may make multiple surgeries on daily basis. 3. It does not need skin incisions for locking screws that is why no ugly scars would issue which greatly disfigure the limb after fixation by interlocking nail. This is crucial especially for women. N.B The disfigurements are caused by fixation of bone is more than that arise from the fracture itself because most of fractures are closed and skin does not open at all. 4. The nail is dynamized from the first day of surgery which bio-mechanically has higher rate of bone healing. 5. The circumference of the nail is increased about 1.2 cm more than the same ordinary locking nail of the same size. 6. Evenly distribution of stresses all over the nail is one of the most important biomechanical aspects of this nail which simulates the norm of physiology and forms the biomechanical point of view which increases the healing process. In contrast to the ordinary locked nail, all stresses are concentrated on 4 points of locked screws which are not only against normal physiology of stresses distribution but also the cause of generation of a very high stress concentration on the locking screws and sometimes cause fracture of one and/or more of them. 7. Rotationally, the 4 ridges prevent any degree of rotational movements of nail inside the bone. These types of movements are responsible for delaying of healing by cutting of newly formed bone. 8. Locking screws do not only cut and injure skin but also they cut and tear the underlying muscles and even may transfix some tendenous parts and the combination of all of that is injury of muscles which heal by fibrosis. The net result is muscles weakness which reflected on the long run as decrease stability of nearby joints. Consequently, early osteo-arthritis has higher incidence of interlocking nail with locking screws. 9. This nail is more beneficiary as a cost effective method of treatment even if its cost of production is slightly higher because of the following # Reduction of time of surgery to 50% spares the time of all stuff including the surgeon for another patient #. The patient stays in hospital for shorter time because the patient walks as dynamized from the 1st day. # very little need of post-operative physiotherapy and reduced sick leave and compensation. # no need for another dynamized surgery which is needed in 15% of cases to encourage healing after 6 weeks of the fixation. I tried to call you but there is no answer thank you and have a good day My phone No. in Ottawa 613-299-1852

by: hossam mohamed