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The Inventor Forum is where inventors ask questions about the inventing process, give advice, make comments and share experiences about patents, prototyping, raising money, manufacturing, start-ups, in short, anything related to inventing from idea through commercialization and beyond. Keep in mind that and this Inventor Forum are in the public domain. Be careful about disclosing proprietary information. The forum is not a place for pitching professional services directly and direct solicitations will be deleted. If you are a service provider and wish to share an experience or have a question, please feel free to include a link to your website. Please be respectful of everyone. Invention City reserves the right to delete any post for any reason. If you have questions please feel free to send them to

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Patent Attorney

Hello, my name is Paul (based in Redland Bay) and I am involved in the engineering profession here in Australia (mainly building products). If anyone is looking to get any patent work undertaken in Australia then I would recommend a chap called Robin Kelly of Protip Innovation I have just used him on a recent lodgement and I have found him to be very through in his understanding of the patent idea and of his dealings with me. Robin is somebody who uses his words skilfully and ensures that I fully understand the wording of the patent as he drafts it.

by: Paul Cooper

Selling inventions

I have recently laid to rest my invention. Started the company, whent to market, then retreated without loosing that much money. I think there is a better way to get some new inventions out there. I want to put together a show to travel arround and simply market and sell our inventions. Anyone interested

by: Brian Brackee

The actual inventor of the bed

In answer to redd349's post I can inform you that the widely regarded inventor of the first bed was a male called Alfonce Bedd. This gentleman was born in Poland in 1821 and is widely credited by historians in the area such as myself as the "Inventor" of the modern-day bed. Although he passed away in 1859 from pneumonia his legacy had already spread throughout most of East and Western Europe.

by: Andrew France

A CVT Gearbox

I have designed and made a working model of a CVT gearbox. Research on the internet and elsewhere indicates that it is original, unique and patentable. My gearbox overcomes all of the drawbacks that current CVT gearboxes have. In essence, my gearbox is a positive drive at all times, with no slippage at all. I believe it will have a major impact on the auto manufacturing industry. It is simple in design and should present no problems at all to a manufacturer. I have, over the last 30 years or so, designed and made various pieces of plant and equipment, all of which worked very well. I say this so you will understand that I am not a “fly-by-night” person and that my ideas work. I am a person of very little financial means and so I have for some time now been trying to get an investor to fund the completion of the CVT gearbox. I have detailed working drawings for a prototype, a material list and a machining schedule. I need funds for the following: 1. Buy the materials needed 2. Pay for the machining 3. Modify the prototype if needed 4. Make a voice-over video of the gearbox in action 5. File a provisional patent 6. Prepare a full presentation package for potential clients. I have corresponded with Mercedes, Ford etc. and the universal reply is that they are very interested but advise that I should file a provisional patent before I make any disclosures to them as they do not sign NDA’s and cannot guarantee confidentiality at all. All my efforts so far to get an investor have not met with success. I have had a few offers, which turned out to be attempted scams. I have approached at least 35 – 40 different organizations, but to no avail. I KNOW my CVT gearbox will work and the patent rights could possibly be worth several million US dollars. I need US$150,000 to complete the above, which is very little in relation to the potential rewards. I am prepared to negotiate an equity participation in the patent rights or the licensing arrangement. I am stuck at this point and would ask you to suggest something. It is a great pity that what I believe to be a good idea should flounder because of a lack of a relatively small amount of money. Regards Ken Miles

by: Ken Miles

finding new invention ideas

Just came across this website and i love the fact that it attracts so many like minded people. I recently wrote a page about coming up with new invention ideas, which i think would be helpful for those of us with the "creative bug" that are not sure where to start. Looking forward to reading everyone's contributions E

by: Ela


Hi, I am a programmer, I just want to ask if I want to sell My Invention, how much will it worth my invention is a interactive 3d application for a specific type of company it is focused on architectural firms and real estate companies. how much does it worth on your opinion? thanks

by: nazarene

Need funding for my invention

What is the best website for fundraising? I have a great invention and would like to put it in the market but do not have the capital for it. Heard of the site but not sure. Thoughts are more than welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

by: Tina Sm

Ex-Con comes up with 15,128 Ideas for Innovation from behind bars.

How is it that someone can come up with thousands of Ideas from behind prison walls cant seem to get no help from people to help me get some of these Ideas started. I dont have the funds or knowledge of what to do and its like no one cares that i wanna change my life around.

by: WChrouch

STAIRS vs. RAMPS (handicapped access)

What does anyone think about an idea for stairs that convert to a ramp for easier handicapped access? The stairs would have switches built in at the tops and bottoms, and there would be a pressure plate circulating the legnth of the staircase so they wont transform if somone or something too heavy is in the stairwell. Is this idea good or bad?

by: wohs nj

Production Molds can cost LESS then a prototype

We are an Injection Molding company based in Central Florida and we have come up with a new method of making injection molds which has reduced the overall investment by ten fold. A standard/basic mold would normally cost you anywhere from $30,000 - $75,000 BUT by using our method $2,000 - $5,000. We can produce a mold in about ten days and you can have operational production parts in your hands in two weeks. Please let us know if anyone is interested.

by: BTEC Plastics, LLC

mobile phone app idea

I have an idea for a mobile phone app that could be used on many different venues. I am not an engineer and do not have much capitol, but think this idea could be very profitable. I am looking for someone to partner with to develop, market and ultimately license the idea. Is there anyone who could provide some insight or direction?

by: Mark

Custom manufacturing

The biggest wall we have found is dealing with inventors. It is often difficult to product a single item and remain cost effective. Understanding the high start up cost but looking down the road to low production cost of a given item run in large quantities, helps to better gauge your overall profitability.

by: Lonnie R. Caldwell

All about patent/inventors

Cronos IP Solutions provides one service - monetizing patents. Our expertise in this area helps us achieve our mission - to generate significant revenue for clients from their patents. We offer our services only on a contingency basis. This means our fees are tied directly to the revenue received by our clients, which also ensures our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Identifying which patents are being infringed by the world of products is an enormous task. Consequently, many patent owners do not have the resources, experienced personnel, or systems in place to implement such a program. As a result, tens of millions of dollars (or more) in licensing fees (or damages) go un-collected. The solution is our contingent patent enforcement service, which requires no up front fees. We are not a law firm. Instead, we will hire as many law firms as needed and in the jurisdictions needed to enforce your patents. We will also make sure that the necessary funding is available to enforce your patents. To be considered for our contingency patent enforcement service, you must own one or more issued patents. Please understand that we are regularly contacted by persons who have no patents. Consequently, please include the patent number of at least one of your U.S. patents when contacting us. If none is included, we will not respond to your inquiry. A U.S. patent number is seven digits and begins with 5, 6, 7, or 8 such as 8,123,564. A patent application (have a number such as 2012/1234567 or 13/135,235) is not enough because a patent application is not enforceable until it issues as a patent. We do not offer patent prosecution services (helping clients get patents) or patent commercialization services (persuading companies to use a patented technology in order to generate royalties). Contact Information: Cronos IP Solutions LLC 2436 Tour Edition Drive Henderson, NV 89074, US Phone: 202-558-5355 Fax: 202-318-7456 Website:

by: Stephen

Same boat

I would love to comment on a lot of this post but there don't seem to be a way to do this. As for what your invention is worth or what you should sell it for won't be realized until you have a prospective buyer (licensee) or until you see if you truly have a market for it and just what will the market bear. ___ The Mobile phone App guy may want to try eLance, oDesk or some other out sourcing website to see about getting one of the geeks to create your app to which you can sell on Amazon & Apple. Keep in mind that although you can copyright the software (code), there are many, many ways to accomplish the same thing through coding so you might be better served to just get the app created and sell it via the channels I suggested pkus through your own blog website. ___ To WCHROUCH: It's great that you want to turn your life around. However, there are many people who want to turn their life around and have never been in prison so welcome to the boat ;) The thing you want to do is the thing you are doing now which is to research the Internet which I wish was a round 25 years ago when I was just getting started. What a lot of inventors fail to realize is just because an idea is good to them or even if it is a really good invention on all levels, you have to get someone with the skills to take it from prototype to market which is a huge undertaking and expense that can be done with or without a patent. If you do it without a patent then you risk losing rights to it. If you do it with a patent then you will have spent at least $2k for the patent and lawyer fees which takes away from your ability to create inventory so it really is a slippery slope. _____ I have a pet peeve about the Patent cost that I will post about in another thread.

by: MikeTaylor

Safety Invention

I am in need of an investment of$15k for 15% of my safety invention or I need a prototype built.

by: Lonnie Ingram

Sell a patent

I have two inventions for the automobile industry. I want to sell a patent (Portugal)

by: Adelino

Any advise

Hi I am an amputee who has an idea for an orthopaedic shoe. I broke my ankle a long time ago and it took years before doctors saw sense and abandoned all hope for my twisted and deformed foot and amputated it. In that time I spent thousands of hours reading about anatomy and biomechanics on the internet. I devised and constructed a number of orthotic devices myself and had some success in relieving the pain and dysfunction I suffered from but still could not find sufficient relief due to the severity of my problem. When my foot was removed and I received a quality prosthesis I was able to rehabilitate myself. I am convinced that I have an orthopaedic devise that will significantly improve outcomes for many people with a common orthopaedic problem. The devise is fairly easy to manufacture, inexpensive and straightforward to fit. I can make a basic devise myself. I know the first step is to get a patent but I don’t know who to trust. I am concerned I will lose control of my invention and it will be stolen from me. Anyone have any advice

by: Peter Williams


I have a cool idea and I want to someone help develop my idea

by: Muhammed Jabbie

making a nonprofit invention populare?

Hello, I just invented a "nonprofit invention". It´s about a hand prosthesis which is made of rubish, and it can be build with a few tools. It´s made for people in the 3rd world, who don´t have the money to buy their prosthesis. I also made a website where I explained exactly how to build this prosthesis ( So my question, what can I do that my invention gets popular? lg

by: laurenz

Great Resource for all Inventors

I found a great book that is a wonderful resource to inventors. It is called This is How You Do it Kid. It is the story of how a successful inventor brought his products to market, and how you can do the same. There are even samples of licensing agreements included with the book. Link:

by: Daniel

Limiting liability during prototype testing

I have invented a mobile hoist for use by people suffering from paraplegia, a device that is vastly different to all the mobile hoists that are available in the marketplace. The PCT filing has been done and I am at prototype stage with the device, but need to get it tested by a few typical users. Although the utmost care has been taken in the design and manufacturing, my biggest concern is to limit my liability in the event that something goes wrong or someone gets injured as a result of an accident / malfunction etc. I do not have any liability insurance in place at present. Can I enter into an agreement with the user of the hoist during testing that limits my exposure to nothing? Also bear in mind that the hoist will not have been tested / certified at an accredited institution that can test these devices at this stage, as small adjustments might be required on the final product. What makes this situation more sensitive is the fact that the hoist will be used to lift a person suffering from paraplegia, and injuries that can be sustained of an accident have got a different impact as opposed to the same accident happening to an able bodied person.

by: edrocnoc

Any Help or Advice for a 1 Year Old Baby Inventor??!?

My 1 year old actually first came up with this idea we are now calling the 'Sipper Snacker' which is the World's First Anti-Spill Drink and Snack Device for Toddlers on the Go. He was born a preemie and given developmental tools which one day we noticed he had pilled cereal on the lid of his sippy cup for babies with low muscle tone in the jaw so he was able to drink and snack with one device. We filled for the patent, putting his name on the application cause he was first with the concept. Immediately after we received our 'patent pending' status it went over our heads and we immediately made the news with this unique story. You can check out our idea, read our story and see news clips- With a struggling family to get back on our feet and a 'special needs' child it has been very hard to raise the money to get the fully issued patent. We recently saw a very very similar product on TV called the 'SnackEEZ'. We think this looks like infringement and has our family and friends in an uproar but we have no leg to stand on without an issued patent. Also our year on our patent pending is coming up. A friend said to make a GoFundMe to fight this but I don't know if it is a good idea to 'step on any toes'. Can anyone offer any advice of what we could do next or maybe pass this crowdfunding site around if it makes sense. Thanks so much in advance and God Bless!!! Joseph and Elijah

by: Joseph G Collins II

gravity powered generator that really works!!!

gravity powered generator that really works!!! -please visit the site in order to find out how these generators work, thanks. leave comments if you like.

by: angel

IP analyst

I'm part of a start-up that provides information regarding patents to new inventors. Our website provides information about patents in the form of interactive patent guides. Click on the following link in order to access the website:

by: Leo Paul Johnson

Need help with licensing

I have a prototype of my invention made so far. I'm not sure where to go from here. There are so many invention companies out there that all claim to be the best. IDK. A colleague of mine went through a company called Lightning Launch in Mass and told me he "had a good experience" Does anyone have any advice

by: Michael Smith

where to start

Well ive had an idea eating away at me for a couple of years now and im only deciding to act on it now because ive looked for it (knowing my luck itd be made already) but havent found anything like it. I threw down a few quick drawings with notes explaining what youre looking at (not the best drawer) I feel the best way forward would be to email a few places telling them I have an idea but coming from a 23yo with very little drawing skills and only a vivid imagination I wont have anyone even consider hearing out my idea. Not only that if someone does listen I have no experience with the legal side of things I think my idea would just get ripped off if they did like it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

by: corey

Start with Invention City

A few people have asked how and where to start the process of developing and commercializing their ideas. I suggest starting with Invention City. Yes, I run this place, but I genuinely believe we'll give you the most sincere advice, based on the deepest experience, of anyone you'll find. Give us a shot. Try out a Brutally Honest Review. We'll probably say your invention idea needs further development - but we'll give you direction on how to do that. We might encourage you to work on something else. And we might offer you a licensing or representation deal. In the end, if you're not happy, we'll refund the $85 fee.

by: Mike Marks

Patented system to prevent accidents

Dear hi , my name is Masoud dastborhan . 25 years old from Iran I am graduated microbiologist and registered an new invention in patent organization of Iran recently ( patent number: 82928 ) which has role in decreasing car accident rate . I also got scientific certificate from ministry of science in Iran . ( number : 40103921046 ) It is a device with intelligent system which can be installed in car and alerts driver in dangerous conditions. Now I am searching for organizations or companies for financial support and accommodation facilities in making advanced generation of device and also working on other ideas of mine. So I will be thankful if you help and guide me in this area . I sincerely appreciate your attention in advance and look forward for your kind response. Best regards,

by: masoud borhan

Patented system to prevent accidents

Dear …. hi , my name is Masoud dastborhan . 25 years old from Iran I am graduated microbiologist and registered an new invention in patent organization of Iran recently ( patent number: 82928 ) which has role in decreasing car accident rate . I also got scientific certificate from ministry of science in Iran . ( number : 40103921046 ) It is a device with intelligent system which can be installed in car and alerts driver in dangerous conditions. Now I am searching for organizations or companies for financial support and accommodation facilities in making advanced generation of device and also working on other ideas of mine. So I will be thankful if you help and guide me in this area . I sincerely appreciate your attention in advance and look forward for your kind response. Best regards,

by: masoud borhan

Pay you, get rejected , have a nice day? Come back soon!

So basically "YOU" make "ROYALTIES", by just rejecting most of the submissions you receive, as you state up-front to all would be Inventors? Pretty slick! Is that about it Bob? How much is $85.00 x 80% of 1000 submissions? HMMMM? WAKE-UP PEOPLE!!!

by: Tim Collins

Response to Tim

Hi Tim - This site is filled with information that will help you take your invention idea forward without spending a dime with Invention City or anyone else. Not sure why you're so bothered by our $85 Brutally Honest Review. Yes, more inventors get a "no" than a yes from us. That's a good thing because it's honest. Most inventions fail. Even the best ones. Our Brutally Honest Reviews reflect that fact. Here's the thing. A thing you learn from long years in business. "No's" happen all the time but nobody ever tells you why. Knowing why can make your invention better and get you to "yes." When Invention City gives a "no" we explain why and give the inventor suggestions on what he or she might do to get a "yes." Sometimes that includes ideas inventors might add to their patents or sometimes a new market idea or specific people to contact to take the next step. The bottom line, as Dan says in the video, that "it's a 'no' with benefits." And we don't just say "no". Sometimes we say YES! Lastly, our primary income DOES come from Royalties earned by commercializing inventions and not from invention reviews. In the years to come we're planning to shift to making more and more money from products we make and sell ourselves.

by: ICity Mike


Hello: I am a experienced inventor. This is a exceptional opportunity for anyone who has money to finance for this invention in order to get its patents ( in USA, Europe, Japan, etc.) OFFER -- Sharing Royalty by 50%--50% from all patents you finance for. Regarding the invented Household Cleaning Tool: 1) It provides EASY, FAST, EFFECTIVE cleaning for every home use. In performance, it beats easily and by far , the following brands: Rubbermaid, Libman, Clorox, 3M, Quickie Mfr., Butler Home Products, Freudenberg, Leifheit ( Germany), etc. 2) I see that it will become one of the standard tool designs in the future ( yet, protected by patents for decade.) and that every maker follows this design after patents expire. _______________________________________________ Any seriously interested party, write to

by: John Fuji