Manufacturing A New Product from an Invention

The difference between an idea and a product is manufacturing. A great idea makes no money until it is produced and sold in multiple units. Understanding the options of how your idea can be manufactured can put additional money in your pocket. The knowledge can make it easier to license your idea. It can enable you to get a higher royalty. It is invaluable for finding investors. As your idea is engineered for manufacturing, you may find new ways to patent and protect it. Finally, knowing the manufacturing process for your invention can help you increase your idea's chances for market success.

Manufacturing encompasses a wide range of processes and technologies. For something simple like a knit hat, you may find yourself looking into sources for 1) wool, 2) spinning the wool into yarn, 3) knitting the yarn into hats, 4) labels that are sewn into the hats, 5) material for hang cards that is 6) printed and cut and attached to the hats and tell their story, 7) sources for bags to protect the hats individually, 8) cartons for shipping hats to customers and 9) shipping labels to attach to the cartons. That’s nine sources for one of the most simple products there is. If your product is a cell phone your suppliers (and the suppliers of your suppliers) will number in the hundreds.

In manufacturing any product you have choices on materials and how to make it. Your choices will be a reflection of your target market and the price points you are trying to reach. Many of the new rapid prototyping/3D printing technologies are great for high end, custom manufacturing. At the high end there’s a lot of room for hand work too. If your invention is a mass market consumer product automated processes will be needed.

One of the huge benefits of working with professional industrial designers is that they can guide you through the many choices and tradeoffs that must be made. When choosing an industrial designer be sure that the one you select has recent experience with products similar to yours. New materials and new processes become available all the time and some may be especially relevant to your invention idea. If you speak to manufacturing sources yourself (a fantastic way to learn) be aware that they will look at your product from the perspective of the kinds of solutions they offer: to a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Successful inventing requires more than thinking up a novel, useful and patentable new product. The new product needs to be manufactured and sold at a price people will pay. Quality matters too. One of the best ways to make money as an inventor is to invent ways to reduce the cost and improve the quality of an existing product that has already been proven.

Manufacturing Processes Manufacturing processes can be broken down into the following broad categories:

  • 3D Printing - Metals, Plastics. A computer model is rendered into a physical model. Many different methods.
  • Casting - Metals, Plastics, Waxes and Foods. Liquids fill a mold shape and become solid.
  • Stamping - Metals are punched and stretched into shapes that fill a die block (often progressively).
  • Rolling - Metals, Foods. Thicker sheets of materials are rolled into thinner sheets.
  • Forging - Metals. Hot metals are hammered into shapes.
  • Molding - Metals, Plastics, Foods. Liquid or soft materials are pushed or pressurized into into molds and hardened.
  • Extruding - Metals, Plastics, Foods. Soft materials are pushed through a shape and hardened.
  • Machining - Metals, Plastics, Wood. Creating shapes by removing material.
  • Cutting - All Materials. Cutting a larger piece into smaller pieces. Many different cutting techniques from sawing to water jets and lasers.
  • Joining. All materials. Fusing, welding, gluing, press-fitting, co-molding, riveting, sewing, screwing, bolting.
  • Finishing. All Materials. Heat treating, grinding, plating, anodizing, passivating, electrocoating, polishing, painting.

Here is a link that offers information on a wide range of manufacturing processes from

Learn More About Manufacturing

Learn About Manufacturing

Manufacturing Your Idea - Invention City Article - Things to know as you move from prototype to production.

Manufacturing Resources

  • Quality Trade - Find quality certified manufacturers and parts suppliers in wide range of categories
  • - Find products and parts from sources primarily in Asia.
  • ThomasNet - Comprehensive listings of manufacturers and related service providers.
  • - Locate manufacturers in the U.S, Asia, Europe and around the world. Search by product or by country.
  • Job Shop Network - Find short-run manufacturers.
  • MacRae's Blue Book - Find components and service providers.

Inventor-Friendly Manufacturers

  • MultiFab fabricates plastic parts, from museum quality display cases and machine guards to plexiglass boat windshields. Located in Boston, with engineering, design and CNC routing capabilities, the company has been supplying quality products and service to satisfied customers since 1987. Phone: 617-287-1411 E-mail:
  • RSP Inc is a full service turnkey contract manufacturer experienced in taking designs and prototypes from start up to mass production. RSP factories in the US & China offer high quality manufacturing and assembly for clients large and small. Contact Mike Ryan to discuss your project via phone: 414-546-4417 ext 101; email:
  • Miles Fiberglass - Produces a variety of products using open molding, vacuum bagging, press molding, and resin transfer molding (RTM) processes. Designs, develops and produces original manufactured products. Finds composite solutions for new inventions visit
  • Akro-Plastics/Rotationally Molded Plastic Products - Provides design support, engineering, custom colors, molded-in parts and graphics (metal & plastic inserts, locking hinging), spin welding, post molded graphics, 5-axis CNC trimming, complete assembly, packaging. Metal castings.
  • Kroesen Tool - Quality stamped parts. In house die building, laser cutting and custom machining. "Turn key" services - visit

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Ultra Source International

I just used Ultrasource International to create a new yard game. They were able to send me a sample within a month and ended up tweaking the design to make it more durable. It took about 3 months for me to get my first shipment in. I think they can manufacture just about anything...

by: Pete S


hi this is derek a retired army vet. i have a product thats easy and cheap to make my product is patent pending looking for manufacture to make my toe deodorant pads called pedi working with a patent making company.thats showing my product to companies who are looking for products for there product line. i hope you all can

by: derek odum


I spent 2 years developing a specialized welding tool. I didn't realize the mistake I made when I sent my design to several overseas factories for a quote. After speaking with a gentleman from L.R.Caldwell International,Inc here in the USA, I realized how little the NDA is valued. Through their insight, I quickly learned to develop a relationship prior to handing a design over to anyone. They have built 50 units for me while insisting I first test the market prior to over investing in this design. They also helped re-designed my product to make it cheaper to product and more appealing to my customers.

by: Richard Donas


Hi im seeking a manufactor for my Hot New Invention the Hook&dip bar,I do have a patent pending at this time and listed with invention resource international as well?Im trying to find ONLY in USA if i can a manufactor that i could etheir lisence or have it manufactored?if your interested in HOT idea and New Invention for HOME use!! contact me,thanks Bill

by: Bill b


Hi - I am lookin gfo r amanufacturing company that I can work with to manufacture prototypes and ultimately take-over production of the product that I have invented. The idea has been provisional patented.

by: Dalson

mechanical parts

hi there, I am looking for some of the best quality of gears and hinges.....


Real-Time Transactional Product Development/Manufacturing/Shipping Company Needed

I'm looking for a manufacturing company that can produce or develop a product in real time as orders come via a direct connection between servers and POS while at the same time shipping those orders to my customers as we'll. My product is simple, creative, and will be an accessory for Apple's MacBook and iPhone product lines.

by: Cloud Concepts Inc.


Hi, I am looking for someone to help me fine tune and manufacture my product. I currently have a working prototype (that still needs work) and I hold a patent. The unit is primarily an extrusion plastic , solar LED strips and duratrans artwork. Help :) Valerie

by: valerie

simple but i need help...

I have a great idea. this will help a lot of people with neck pain...I need to find someone to help me design it and make a proto type. very simple. just need someone with the right equipment to get this going. I would be willing to share the profits to get this started. let me know if this is the right place to start.

by: Celisa

New patented idea

My parents a few months ago got a great idea patented an are now looking for a manufacturer to help them in the next step we have been praying an searching for someone willing to help us we know it has the potential to be something great can you guys help them please?

by: Derek


I suffer from Health problems and have an idea that can help people like me but do not know where to begin. I need someone who can help design something that heats up. It could make life easier for people i n pain. Any body interested to know more.

by: Alison

Need Financial Partner

i need financial partner for lime based items, which are highly useful in daily life.

by: rajom raj

help with prototype

I am looking for manufacturer that can build a prototype that is computer/internet technology. If anyone can help please contact me

by: shawna

Looking For steel cutting and steel manufacturing

We are looking to cut steel for someone. And other small steel jobs. Manufacturing parts ect.

by: Benny

taking humans to next era

Hello, i am ron bonomo. actor, writer, inventor and much more. i have several inventions. but my most revered are my ideas that will take human kind to the next step in our ways of life. i have invented an electric motor like no other. the motor puts out more power than an equivalent fuel motor, as well as conversions. this motor will take us to non fuel power. yes i am talking about electricity for home, business and cities. Self powered generator. but that is not the brunt. i simply invented that to solve a problem with my other inventions. which my other inventions will allow space exploration a reality. imagine being able to mine meteors instead of our planet. that is only one benefit from space exploration. my lift and thrust system uses no fuel only electricity, hince the invention i mentioned already. i have inventions for weapons and shielding as well. but i need help. prototype for my inventions are far from my budget. i made prototypes of them before, when i was in school and had access to there materials and equipment. but i disassembled them so noone could steal my ideas, once i saw how much a patent was. so if any funders wants to work with me and bring humans into the next erra you can e mail me at or reach me at

by: ron bonomo


Have patent pending on a great scuba diving experience enhancer. It is simple and cheap to make. Im looking for any help getting this product into production and on the market willing to split profits with the right individual/entity to help me realize my dream.

by: michael @ Dive Candy


I am looking for a manufacturer for my scuba invention created to enhance the diving experience greatly. Simple, cheap to produce. First of its kind on the market. If anyone has any info or can help let me know please. Im willing to take on a partner to realize my dream

by: michael @ Dive Candy

Inventor : Domingo R Bonilla

I'm looking for a manufacturing company that can build a prototype and develop my invention and help me with Financial to continue with my project, because I don`t have any money to develop now the university market analysis, the potential market value, the market acceptance factors, the social factors,the demand analysis factors and the competitive factors and business risk factors and all evaluation according from Patent Service Company from Miami Florida. This product have over 60% plus in all evaluation and the production will make millions in production and good profit in the electronic industrial . Please contact me Venture investor or angel investor. Thank you.

by: Domingo R Bonilla


There are companies such as Brecher Prototyping that help from prototyping until manufacturing.

by: ryan smith


There are companies such as Brecher Prototyping that help from prototyping until manufacturing.

by: ryan smith


Hello, my name is Louise and I have invented a machine that can help feed the world. It is a very simple vending machine. But a very specialized vending machine it serve one product only. I need to find someone to help me Patent it. I need a product development company that will be willing to back me and help through this whole process.

by: Louise Brown

Logonet Promotion USA

We have accumulated years of experience in the garment business and established strong manufacturing and processing bases, which enable us consistently to provide high quality products at competitive prices. We distribute worldwide, producing quality fashion catered to your exact needs at our own factories in Asia. Call us if you or someone in your network would be interested in having garments produced. Thank You! -Logonet USA (310) 608-2000

by: Logonet Promotion USA

New Idea for an existing Game

I have developed a new idea for a very popular existing game. The existing game is played all over the world by millions of people. My idea adapted from this game will make it available for many more people to play. It will be great for schools, colleges, YMCA's, camps, etc. I had contacted a group that supposed to help people get their ideas developed, etc. But they charge fees I cannot afford. Being an old disabled veteran my funds are limited. Any help out there?

by: Beniamino Lucciola


We have an invention and patent pending on a ratchet. We are looking for a manufacturing company that can make a cleaner prototype and that can help us out

by: John Fenner

Metals Manufacturing Specialist

Hi John Fenner (and anyone else who might be interested). I specialise in providing bespoke metals product development and manufacturing services and I'd be happy to help you out with making a cleaner prototype. We help with product design, IP protection, advice on efficient materials, processes (e.g. die casting, sand moulds). We've been serving clients in the UK, Germany and Italy for over 14 years, some small and some larger (e.g. Volvo, JCB). Our engineers have all had direct experience of working in foundries. Let me know if you need help with the production of your ratchet, or anything else Cheers, Chenting

by: ChentingJulay

Transparent Chuted Ice Cube Container

I have a patented product that will eliminate dropping cubes on the floor while a consumer is retrieving their ice from under the ice maker in the freezer of a refrigerator. This product effects billions of consumers 5-6 times daily. I am looking for a investor to take this to market. I have a working prototype. Please contact me if you have any questions.

by: Robert Evans


It is so interesting to think about coming up with an idea and actually being able to take it to the next level. I can't imagine seeing one of my ideas turned into solid reality. This makes it seem totally achievable, though. If I could come up with an idea and find the right fabrication company, I could have a real object that I can say I created.

by: Matt Dalek

Working Safer - Rig Safe

My name is Richard Nicholls and have worked with Cranes as a Rigger in construction and mining over 18 yrs , I'm seeking help in getting what I know is guaranteed to make millions ... As we all know SAFETY is a high priority now days through out the work force and working in the crane & rigging industry is High Risk ... My invention is guaranteed to improve safety in this field of work by 100% in many ways which I can easily explain to you .. I'm asking for help as my life has has many bad events which has left me very little financially .. To be honest it took the going through what I had to get me to here which can be my life changing turning point .:.. Please help me someone ....,

by: Richard Nicholls


My name is Juan Martinez, looking or a manufacturer to establish and produce my product. I am patent pending....My invention is simple.... conceptually speaking, this invention is a free-standing, heigh-adjustable pole and rope-pulley system for suspending a pinata at festive occasions. Www.invents/invention/page=pinata-pole Hope someone can help.

by: Juan Martinez

Manufracturing consultant

I know some of you are looking for manufacturers or someone to help with prototyping. Just a thought. One reason it's tough to find someone willing to help you is because you are just a person with an idea. Ideas are free, it's the business execution and distribution plan that makes your idea worth investing in. (Or in their case, investing time). So rather than tell people about your idea and how green you are. Tell them what your distribution plan is and how you plan to be able to move however many hundreds of thousands of them. If you don't have that plan, take a step back and ask yourself if you really should be pursuing the invention. I do freelance product development and manufacturing sourcing as a business. People like us are very very busy people. It's not uncommon for us to take a chance on someone and hope that with our help in refining your product and finding a manufacturer for it. That you will be able to focus your time on the business side. But admittedly, it ends in a huge waste of everyone's time because the person behind the invention never had the ability to take the product to beyond selling retail on a website. Hope that doesn't sound too callous. But it is the truth. If you have a great idea, start doing your research into the market, distribution plan, prices, competition, etc. If you do have a plan, let me know. If I agree with you and have confidence you can actually make the product big. Then I may do all the development and sourcing and importing and logistics and packaging for a royalty on the back end. If you don't have a plan, I might still be able to answer manufacturing questions and give some pointers. I like to watch people succeed. And too often people fail because of something simple that had someone who knows told them at the beginning, the direction could have changed to a winner. info at part distribution (One word) dot com

by: Mr. Kelly


My name is Juan Martinez, I am patent pending. At this point we are seeking to define the largest possible potential manufacturing base. This includes producing the pinata-pole where applicable, in different materials, styles, sizes and shapes to better accommodate various market requirements. Though the pinata-pole is not currently in production, it's characteristics are not unlike existing production methodology for similar products and should not require new technology. Please take the time to look over my webpage Someone please help me find a manufacturer. Thank you Juan Martinez

by: Juan Martinez

I'm an engineer, designer and manufacturer

So many people with so many ideas but no contact info. There are a lot of people with no investment money. That's understandable. However, producing a product from an idea costs money. As a product developer, I expect "the idea person" to have enough faith in their idea that they are willing to invest their own money. Don't expect a significant percentage of profits if you are bringing $0 to the table. Finally, if you're trying to sell yourself (your idea), use proper grammar and spell check. You will be taken more seriously. Good luck!

by: blah

Inventors help

I went to see a company for my product idea to be develop and lots of them were asking for thousand of pieces as a minimum order quantity. There is a company called Brecher Prototyping that helped me along the way from 1 to 500 pieces once they developed the part.

by: Stacey




Inventor: Domingo R Bonilla

I'm looking for a manufacturing company that can build a prototype and develop my invention and help me with the Financial to continue with my project, because I don`t have any money to develop now, the university market analysis, the potential market value, the market acceptance factors, the social factors, the demand analysis factors and the competitive factors and business risk factors and all evaluation according Patent Service Company from Miami Florida. This product have patent pending and very strong acquisition in all evaluation and the production will make millions in production and good profit in the electronic device industrial . Please contact me Venture investor or angel investor. Thank you. Domingo R Bonilla, Inventor


Chris Chase

To Manufacturing Representatives: I have invented and patented a tool system that eliminates the need for ladders in many instances. It literally is "Ladder Free Technology." It requires no skill to operate, and empowers operators to install decorative hooks, hardware, and party decorations on any wall or ceiling without ever setting foot on dangerous ladders or step stools. This technology simply did not exist until I invented it, and we are currently developing additional patents to occupy every possible permutation. However, my Mechanical Engineer believes the current art is the only truly viable design. We have introduced a starter kit to several focus groups and the system is enormously popular with young professionals; particularly single women living in apartments. A starter kit contains everything an apartment dweller or home owner would need to decorate and install anything on their ceilings and walls, and it could fit in a candy box. We have demonstrated the system to several major north American tool distributors at the National Hardware Show, and they were out of their seats when I installed swag hooks and eye bolts without a ladder - in just seconds... I have well developed SL prototypes that are fully functional, and the system is non-durable. The retail designs could be Injection molded or investment casted. Additionally, it is an infinitely expandable and scalable system. Ladder falls cause approximately 113 deaths and 15,000 serious injuries each year. My tool system will dramatically reduce those numbers, and its use could eventually be mandated by insurers in some instances. I am seeking a basic licensing agreement with upfront compensation for my efforts to date. I am also very willing to work on a contract basis with the licensee to insure the system's success. My tool system is not a gimmick. It is a well-developed tool system that works incredibly well. It has never been marketed or sold. I am a Product Developer, I.T. professional, and Licensed Electrical Contractor. I hold degrees in those fields and have decades of manufacturing, construction, I.T., and marketing experience. Finally, I have had a full team of professionals supporting this project from the beginning. Your company could be the one (in partnership with us) to introduce "Ladder Free Technology" to the world. I look forward to meeting with you. Regards, Christian Chase

by: Christian Chase

want to start assembling for electric product.

Dear Sir, This is Amir H. Chowdhury from Dhaka Bangladesh. We have 4 stories building, per floor 17000SF. We are highly interest to start big scale business of electric product assembling. You are therefore, requested please kindly give us some advs how can be started. Best rgds Amir H. Chowdhury

by: Amir H. Chowdhury