Prototyping Company Now Offers "Mini Me" Service

Sculpteo - European Prototyping Company

Sculpteo, a European prototyping company, is now offering the ability to shrink yourself! With the ability to transform digital files into real-life, physical objects, Sculpteo allows digital dreamers to turn 3D files into 3-dimensional creations, as well as create easily 3D objects based on 2D drawings or simple text. Sculpteo makes it easy for users to edit or customize items by allowing them to select size, material, and color or monochrome printing options -- all done conveniently online. That means you never have to speak to a customer rep and deal with back and forth. Once you approve your design it is shipped to you the next day. The turnaround time of a Mini Me is 10 days. The price is calculated based on the size you choose. Learn more at

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new owner

I would like to know what is the process of obtaining a prototype and how would I start, and how would I keep my idea from being used?

by: Ranette Johnson

Risk of IP Theft

You need to find a contractor that will work with you. Your invention may need tooling and molding. A lot of manufacturer will work with you if you promise you will contract them to do the manufacturing. Outsourcing is also an option if your budget is limited. Your idea is automatically protected. If you the contractor you hire steal your idea, it would be like any other form of theft. It is called misappropriation of intellectual property. Put that "non-disclosure" clause into writing may help a little bit too. But most inventors do not have the means to take someone to court if the theft happens. The more practical solution is to find someone you can trust. Or you can break down the invention to smaller components, and hire a couple of firms to do each component, and then you assemble them together into final product. Corbita Integrated Risk Management

by: CIRM