Patent Titles Matter

Hand-squeeze powered motorless driver
"Hand-squeeze powered motorless driver"

It is your job as inventor to see that potential partners, investors and customers understand your invention. Make it easy for them to "get it." For product names, sales sheets and web pages this concept is well known. But it applies to patents too.

Patent titles are often seen in investor presentations. An easy to understand title can reinforce the message that the patent has value.

Patent titles are also seen when competitors search prior art to try and avoid stepping on a patent. A title that accurately describes the invention in commonly used terms will help competitors find your patent so they can work around it and both of you can avoid patent court. Also, if the title is not considered descriptive of a patent's claims, the Examiner may require a new title.


  1. Hand-squeeze powered motorless driver
  2. Ratchet-based, torqued-enhanced fastener tool

Both titles describe inventions that perform identical functions and one could be substituted for the other and still be accurate. But only the first gives you a good idea of what the invention does and why someone might care.

A patent title is limited to 500 characters. It can't have superlative words like "better and "best". But there's usually no need to use esoteric or difficult words that put people to sleep.

What's true for a patent title is even more true for the abstract. Be sure to include descriptive details. Make the language accessible and include key words likely to be used in searches.

- Mike

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