Staples Guilty of Infringing Stapler Patents

Staples Found Guilty in PaperPro® Patent Case

PaperPro® stapler manufacturer wins patent infringement case against Staples

NEWTOWN, Pa., Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In Los Angeles Federal District Court, a jury delivered a unanimous guilty verdict on all claims against office products retailer Staples (SPLS) in a patent infringement case filed by Accentra, Inc., makers of the PaperPro® stapler and its partner WorkTools, Inc..

At issue were three patents for Accentra's innovative spring-powered staplers - which convert the light touch of a finger into staple-driving power. The jury found that Accentra's patents were valid, and that Staples willfully infringed on these patents when making and selling Staples' OneTouch (tm) line of staplers.

After a bitter, 3+ year legal battle, Accentra CEO Todd Moses says that the real win for Accentra has been the small firm's successful defense of its intellectual property against such a powerful adversary. "We created the best staplers in the world, only to have Staples intentionally try to steal our technology," he said. "So for us to simply survive was great. But to win, and to have our patents proven out in Federal Court will ultimately be the most significant victory for PaperPro® going forward."

Accentra's patents are also the centerpiece of an ongoing patent infringement case against Acco Brands (ABD) with regard to its Swingline PowerEase (tm) staplers. A win in this case could force retailers across the country to remove PowerEase (tm) staplers from retailers' shelves and compensate Accentra for each one sold.

As for the Staples case, the jury's determination that the infringement was willful exposes Staples to the possibility of treble damages and injunctive relief, as well as reimbursement of all legal fees. A ruling on these damages is expected from Federal District Judge Audrey Collins in the first quarter of 2011

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