Anthony Fejes - Thoughts on Patents

August 22, 2010 - Anthony Fejes recently received a software/algorithm patent. He has mixed feelings about it but does not believe that the entire patent system should be trashed. Here's a snippet:

Ultimately, My own patent: I have seriously mixed feelings about the patents filed during my time at Zymeworks. In fact, they were filed slightly after I left, though I had put a lot of work into them before leaving, I was not the one to finish and file them. They may have even been a contributing part of my departure, as the investors probably perceived my distaste for software/algorithm patents, and my growing discontent over that may have influenced their decision to accept my resignation. I certainly worked hard on them, but any delays in filing them had more to do with being distracted by the other duties on my plate, than any disagreement over their value.

Do I regret that they were granted? No, because I know the people at Zymeworks, and I believe strongly that this patent will be used defensively. It would be impossible for them to determine if anyone else is using it, anyhow. All they've done is disclosed their secret, but protected themselves from anyone else claiming the idea. The investors, however, can now add this as a milestone achieved, which can only be good for the company.

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