Inventor Driven Prior Art & Patent Research:
Pro Inventor Experience + World Class Researchers = Amazing Value.

    Since 1996 has been the leading provider of invention information on developing and commercializing new product ideas. The information we share comes from more than 25 years of designing, engineering, patenting, manufacturing, marketing and licensing new products like the Gator-Grip® Universal Socket, PowerShot® staple gun and many more. We have 100+ US and International patents issued and street-level experience fighting off copycats in negotiations and courtrooms in the US, Europe and Asia. Our experience goes beyond product development and intellectual property and includes, DRTV commercials, QVC, Kickstarters and distribution to mass merchants. Patent attorneys rarely see their patents tested in Federal court and appeals. We have. We won and gained a $5,000,000+ education on how patents work in reality. Our rating from the Better Business Bureau is A+.

    Use Invention City for your prior art research and you will get great information and business opinions at a fantastic price.

    We are not lawyers and we do not give legal advice or handle patent filings or litigation. We are experienced inventors with a track record of success and work with the world's best patent researchers to find prior art and give practical advice on what to do with it. Our opinions will help you make good business decisions at a fraction of the cost of a full service law firm. For patent filings and non-infringement opinions that will have legal standing in a courtroom, we refer you to the patent attorneys and agents we work with ourselves.

    Fields of Research:

    • Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals , Medical Device, rDNA Technology.
    • Chemical
    • Mechanical
    • Electronics,Nanotechnology, Physics, Semiconductor
    • Software and Internet Technology
    • Mobile and Wireless Technology
    • Business Methods

    Research Methodology:

    • Understand the search requirement and field of study
    • Identify key concept(s) of the search
    • Identify the relevant keywords and classification in addition to the information provided by the client (if any)
    • Formulate the search strategy with keywords and US, IPC, ECLA classification
    • Exhaustive Search in the patent databases
    • Retrieve relevant documents
    • Analysis of the document(s)
    • Report generation
    • Search is done through Lexis Total patent .

    Report with inference and analysis summary is completed in 5 working days

    Cost ranges from $225 (simple consumer products) and up depending upon search/opinion complexity. Contact us today at

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