Website Upgrade Update

Wow. Six months ago I wrote a blog post about upgrading our website. The upgrade experience since then has been like a home remodeling project where you find that termites have eaten away load bearing beams and the foundation is disintegrating because of water damage. In our case things were so bad that the entire house, including the foundation, needed to be demolished and rebuilt. In the event, we managed to save nearly all of our stuff and have a new foundation, walls, windows and roof over our heads. Things like furniture, curtains and paint can now appear on our punch list.

This is a long way of saying that abandoned Joomla CMS and is now running on Craft. Most of the site's content remains and we've recently turned to design issues and fixing broken links. We have a new logo and are mobile friendly.

One thing that was lost was our Inventor Registry. The registry was intended as a place for inventors and service providers to declare, "here I am" and form the core of an Invention City community. There was no good way to put the Registry on the new platform economically. Our plan is to rebuild it from scratch and probably use Facebook as a means of registration.

In the months and years ahead we'll be building aggressively to make realize its potential as the best place for inventors from all over the world to begin, refine and commercialize their invention projects. Thank you for joining us as we grow.

Mike Marks
Founder and President

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