Where "Honest Inventing" Comes From

Invention City's promise of Honest Inventing isn't a slogan. It's built into our DNA. We started as garage inventors 25 years ago and maintain that perspective today. But I don't want to write about our long history right now. This morning I ran across a collage of a Kickstarter project I did in 2012 for a made-in-New England Beanie. That project wasn't the biggest or most profitable, but in every other way It was 100%. There was no compromise in anything and everything we claimed and said was 100% true. The product was sourced 100% in New England from the sheep and alpaca that grew the fiber, to the wool spinning and knitting. It was warm and comfortable. Everything was 100% natural and (unlike TV marketing) we exaggerated about nothing. It was all simply and perfectly true. There really was a sheep named Sally Mae and her wool was really in the beanies we made. After that project I decided to re-energize Invention City and offer Brutally Honest Reviews with Dan Fulford. Here's the collage and the KS video:


Mike Marks
Invention City

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