Time Magazine's Top 50 Inventions for 2010

martin jetpack - wikipedia image

Top whatever-the-number lists are good ways of learnng about things that other people feel are important. Some lists are well considered and presented. Others, not so much. Time Magazine just came out with its Fifty Best Inventions of 2010. We could quibble with the fact that it's not even mid-November and the year has more than six more weeks to run. Leave that aside. Time has done an excellent job. The choices are superb and the descriptions for each one are well written and informative.

The inventions run the gamut iof society and are hyped by Time as follows:

Flying cars! Jet packs! Lasers that zap malaria-carrying mosquitoes! Here are the year's biggest (and coolest) breakthroughs in science, technology and the arts.

See them here:


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