Roy Orbison Hologram Gives Concert. Soon, We'll All Live Forever (kinda sorta maybe).

Does living require breathing, having a beating heart and firing brain synapses?

Roy Orbison's body passed from the world of the living and into the realm of the dead thirty years ago. But his presence in music remained very much alive. Now, a holographic Roy Orbison is giving concerts. Read more at the LA Times. Will his digital embodiment next be endowed with artificial intelligence and an android body, will the next incarnation of Roy Orbison be a replicant?

Mark these words. The next Facebooks and Googles will be businesses that animate digital personal profiles with artificial intelligence and virtual reality so that digital versions of ourselves live forever. Grand children will be able to hold conversations with deceased grand parents. Celebrities will make digital versions of themselves available as friends for a fee.

This has been on my mind for nearly a decade. If anyone is working on a startup in this space and wants an adviser, I'm interested. Seriously.

- Mike

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