Review of Invention City

Inventor Speaks About His Experience Two Years After Signing A Deal

Invention City said "yes" to Bill S. and licensed his invention two years ago. The project moved ahead quickly and within 18 months Invention City developed a final design, built prototypes, filed for patents and did a deal with a TV marketing company. The TV company made and tested a well produced 2 minute spot. Unfortunately the spot didn't work, even after re-edits. Invention City and its partners have paid an estimated $235,000+ on Bill's invention to date. How much has Bill paid? Just $95 for a Brutally Honest Review.

Even though the invention didn't work as a TV product, Invention City is continuing to try and get the product to market and plans to launch a Kickstarter early next year.

Bill recently spent a few minutes talking about his experience with Invention City founder Mike Marks:

Invention City Review by Bill S. from Invention City on Vimeo.

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