No Flop Flip-Flops

George Darmis's eureka moment came when was repairing the fiberglass liner of a swimming pool and some overspray of the gel coat got on his flip-flops. The gel coat made the flip flops stick to his feet so that when he walked there was no flopping. “The comfort level was so incredible,” he said. “All of a sudden, I didn’t have to scrunch my toes to keep the flip-flops on. It’s so relaxing, it’s unreal.” He found some sticky material from 3M that renews its stickiness when it gets wet, mounted pieces to the heels of some flip-flops and voila! No-Flop-Flip-Flops were born. Following the example of pitchman Billy Mays, Darmis plans to sell his product via direct response TV. Full story from Charles Slat Monroe News. Website for No-Flop-Flip-Flops

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