IMAGE-LOCK Kickstarter Success!

It came down to the wire, but with 10 hours to go and some clever entrepreneurship by inventor Ali Nawaz, the Kickstarter for IMAGE LOCK made its funding goal. This was a difficult Kickstarter project because the product didn't have an easily targeted audience and needed to be sold primarily on gadget appeal. Invention City produced and ran the Kickstarter for Ali and directly contacted 30+ writers at publications big and small who care about cool gizmos gadgets and inventions of all kinds. We had one hit with a nice review in Gizmodo. We also paid for Facebook posts and tweets and even professional PR. But despite a great effort, the project wasn't going to meet it's funding goal.

Ali did a fantastic job of working his friends and contacts and managed to make it happen at the end. No worries If you missed the Kickstarter. IMAGE-LOCKS can now be purchased online at:

Just as the IMAGE LOCK project was ending we were contacted by an inventor named Joel Gavin Glazer who has a still-running Kickstarter for his Coin Kaddy. The Coin Kaddy is a nicely designed gizmo for carrying paper bills and coins along with a car key. In addition to liking the project we smiled at Joel's choice of soundtrack. It's the same one we found at

If you'd like Invention City to consider running or creating a Kickstarter for your invention idea, you can start the process the way Ali Nawaz did, with a Brutally Honest Review.


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