Inventor Competition in Washington DC June 10-12 2016

The Make48 inventor competition will be held June 10th-12th, 2016 at the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

From Press Release:

Make48 is a competition fostering innovation and invention for everyday trailblazers. Teams have 48-hours to plan, prototype, and pitch an idea for prizes and licensing potential. Only 15 teams will be chosen for this special event. VIP’s, sponsors, and teams will all be hand selected for this ingenious, themed event. Speakers from all around the United States will share their insight on inventing products, being entrepreneurs, and more.

The Make48 team is bringing in some of the big brands to get involved in this competition as well. Shark Tank contestants like Aaron Krause of Scrub Daddy, and Judy Edwards of the Squatty Potty, will be also attending this year. With nationally known names and brands coming to Make48, it is not only an invention competition, but a networking event as well. Teams will get to meet inspiring entrepreneurs that have been in their shoes before, and share their journeys with them.

“Had a great time! GREAT program, love to sponsor one in Utah!” — Judy Edwards, Inventor of the Squatty Potty and Shark Tank Contestant

The Make48 team is also pitching to PBS and fielding queries to bring the event worldwide. It will show the process of taking the winning products all the way to market—a process many dream about but don’t know how to complete.


The Make48 competition was created by Curt McMillan, Rich Brull, Tom Gray, and Bob Coulston in 2015 to give inventors a way to compete and create state-of-the-art products. Visit the Make48 website (, Twitter (, and Facebook ( for more information.

The Lemelson Center engages, educates, and empowers the public to participate in technological, economic, and social change. Through historical research, educational initiatives, exhibitions, and public programming the Lemelson Center advances new perspectives on invention and innovation and fosters interactions between the public and inventors. For more information, visit

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