Doing a Basic Invention Search

The first thing anyone considering an idea should do is to search on the Internet to see if they can find something similar. Go to Google or Bing and type in key words that describe your invention in various ways. Use descriptions of the similar things you find to come up with new ways to describe your invention. is also a great place to do some basic research. The information you find will help you discover whether or not your invention idea is already being made and sold.

The next step is a simple patent search. It's far easier today than ever before. Repeat the same searches you did in Google search at Google Patents. Google Patents gives differently focused results than the general search so it's well worth repeating the process. If you're doing a good job with key words you should find something similar to your idea. Don't let that discourage you. Instead you should look at how other people tried solving the problem you've identified. Maybe you've thought of a truly novel way of solving the problem, or maybe you can use new technologies and materials to make an old solution new and improved(and patentable).

When you set out to invent something new you owe it to yourself to become an expert in the field you're working in. You need to know everything you can about what's come before you and to consider where things are heading. Basic research is the foundation you will build upon in the months and years ahead.

Have fun!


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