Coolest Stuff at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

We couldn't get to CES this year but the good people of Wired Magazine did. In short, the coolest things going were drones, 8k TVs, a reinvention of the Polaroid camera, hoverboards and all kinds of smart gadgets. Among the most ill considered was a reintroduction of the Super-8 movie camera (with film!) by Kodak. As an aspiring photographer I once looked into my true love's eyes and drifting off to sleep sweetly muttered, "Kodak and Ecktachrome". Never mind that Kodachrome was far superior, my point is that I loved Kodak. But Super 8? Seriously? Even though Quentin Tarantino reincarnated 70mm movie production with the Hateful 8, there's no reason to use film anymore. Digital filters will give you any effect you want. But I digress. Here's a 2016 CES wrap up from Wired:

Mike Marks

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