Learn How To License Your Invention in 75 Seconds

A Quick Licensing Guide for Inventors with ADD

The Professional Way to License an Invention

  1. File a provisional patent app on your own: https://www.inventioncity.com/...
  2. Create a short video demo. Short means 1 minute or less... plus maybe an extra minute for testimonials/further explanation. Upload it to youtube or vimeo, make it private (not public).
  3. Do a survey of the target market: https://www.inventioncity.com/...
  4. Make a list of target licensees. Best targets are #2 and #3 in the category. They can take market share from #1 and will be more receptive.
  5. Know what you NEED to say yes to a deal before you start knocking on doors. You never know how far a first conversation will go.
  6. Start knocking one door at a time. This builds trust and avoids potential conflicts. Contact via phone and email. Send a link to your video with a summary of your survey results. Follow up.
  7. Expect to fail. Even the best of the best inventions succeed only about half the time. Those that are merely excellent have a roughly 10% chance of success and for those that are just very good, the odds are about 1 in 1000.

Want help? Start with Invention City's Brutally Honest Review.

Invention City Brutally Honest Review

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