Invention City Inventor Launches 2nd Kickstarter for Image Lock on His Own

Inventor Ali Nawaz has launched a second Kickstarter for his Image Lock combination lock. The Image Lock uses pictures instead of numbers to create combinations that are easy to remember and fun. Now the Image Lock is available with colors on the image dial and a key option in back. The new Kickstarter offers new rewards too. Image Lock makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas and can be used for bike locks, school and gym lockers, treasure chests and more.

Ali came to Invention City for help with his first Kickstarter last year and together we achieved success. This year's effort is 100% Ali (with a little advice from us) and we hope it does even better. Ali is a fine inventor and a true entrepreneur who demonstrates the grit and determination needed to turn a vision into reality. Image Lock is just the beginning and we expect great things from Ali in the years to come.

Mike Marks
Invention City

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