Free Invention Evaluation App Helps Inventors Find Ingredients of Success

Inventors and investors can use the Inventicator™ for free to determine the odds of their new products succeeding while not disclosing confidential information.

The Inventicator™ is a professional invention evaluation tool

April 26, 2017

Boston, MA - Inventors and investors can now evaluate new product and service ideas online for free with the Inventicator™, a professional invention evaluation tool developed by Invention City®. The Inventicator™ provides a rigorous process for estimating an invention's potential for commercial success, without disclosure of confidential information. Users answer questions about an invention’s attributes by clicking on check boxes. The answers are weighted scored and totaled to produce a number called the Invention Commercialization Quotient, or ICQ. An ICQ score above 100 indicates that a new product idea probably has the right stuff for commercial success. Scores below 35 indicate a product will likely have difficulties. The score can be benchmarked against other successful and unsuccessful inventions.

The Inventicator™ scores an invention on sixty-three weighted data points in eight categories regarding:

  1. Development Status & Strength of Potential Patents
  2. Sales Channels
  3. Comparison with Alternatives
  4. Concept Strength
  5. Market
  6. Profit Potential and Investment Requirements
  7. Feasibility
  8. Social and Economic Factors

Using the Inventicator™ requires an understanding of both the invention and target market. An extensive guide for answering questions is provided, along with default values that can be used when the answer to a question is unknown.

Learn more about the Inventicator™ and take it for a test drive here.

Invention City® developed the Inventicator™ to improve identification of promising licensing opportunities. Company President Mike Marks says, "the Inventicator™ has done a fantastic job in helping us discover great ideas. We believe it will be helpful to all independent inventors and to the patent attorneys, industrial designers, engineers, investors, and others who work with them.”

Marks says that when the Inventicator™ was retroactively tested on some famous products it confirmed the likely success of the Pet Rock®, indicated that the Segway® would be a commercial dud, and showed that it would have been a great bet to take out a second mortgage and buy Google at its IPO.

Invention City® actively seeks invention submissions for potential licensing deals in three ways:

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For more than twenty five years Invention City has been helping independent inventors and companies confirm, develop and market new product ideas from inception though commercialization. Learn more about the company at

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