Criticism Will Make Your Invention Better

Feedback is necessary but listening to criticism and objections is hard. I create new products and content for a living and ask people for feedback all of the time. When I ask for feedback, I say, "Praise will not make this better. Criticism will. Tell me the truth. Point out the problems."

But I am human. So, even though I asked for criticism in strong terms, I really just want to hear how fantastic it is and how wonderful I am.

When the asked-for criticism arrives I thank the critic and then silently feel defensive and tell myself all of the reasons the critic is wrong. And then, after a bit of time, I consider the comments more carefully and 99% of the time take steps to fix the identified problems. The product or idea is thus improved, or it may be radically changed.

Because we know the benefits of criticism, Invention City also reviews products and offers feedback professionally. If you are open to hearing a discouraging word about your invention, you are a great candidate for our Brutally Honest Review (you might even be offered a licensing deal).

- Mike

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