Air Whirl Crisper (previously known as "Crunchy Top" "Tornado Top" and "Pan Wizard") Is Launched!!

The Air Whirl Crisper has officially launched and is now in retail at Walmart, Bed Bath Beyond and elsewhere. It took "only" six years to turn the idea into reality - thanks to the patience and hard work of inventor Bill Stumphauzer, the hard work, persistence and investment of Invention City and the hard work, dedication and even greater investment of AllStar Innovations.

Here's Bill talking about his experience with Invention City two years into the project:

Video of Bill's original prototype made by ICity for presentation to potential partners

Bill tells the story behind the invention:

More was spent by I-City and much, much more by Allstar in the 4 years that followed the interviews with Bill. Now we'll see if the product is commercially successful.

If you want an air fryer that doesn't take up counter space, the Air Whirl Crisper is the answer:

- Mike

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