FREE Invention Submission

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We'll Consider Your Invention for FREE.

But you'll have to do some homework...
(Scroll down for the submission form.)

We have long wanted to offer a way for inventors to submit their ideas to us without spending any money. Here it is: 

  1. Inventicate your invention with the Inventicator™. Record the ICQ number.
  2. Inventicate a Benchmark Invention with the Inventicator™. Record the ICQ number.
  3. Fill out the form below. (You will not be asked to provide any Confidential Information). 
  4. Sign and submit.
  5. We'll contact you if we're interested in learning more. If you don't hear from us within 5 business days, then the answer is "no." Please do not follow up on your free submission. If you want feedback and a real conversation (and a chance to argue for your invention idea) you should sign up for a Brutally Honest Review
  • A Benchmark Invention is an existing product that is currently purchased by your target market to solve a problem similar to or the same as the one being solved by your invention.

NOTE: if you've already done your homework and really understand your invention, prior art and the market it is intended to serve, this free submission process could take you as little as 20 minutes. But it will take much longer if you haven't done your homework. In a Brutally Honest Review we do the work for you and give you great feedback and a chance at licensing as well.

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