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Industrial Design

  • Enhance Product Development - Invention, idea and product design and development for inventors. We provide professional product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing sourcing, marketing and licensing with scalable and low-cost services to maximize success.
  • Creative Edge Products is dedicated to helping inventors build a great product by providing product development, industrial design and rapid prototyping services. Creative Edge can transform a drawing on a napkin or a detailed description of your idea into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing product prototype. For more information call 512.825.2532 or email:
  • Industrial Design Society of America
  • Bleck Design Group is an award winning full service industrial design firm in the Boston area that develops ideas from concept stage through engineering for manufacturing.
  • American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA)
    Workshops, conferences, once-a-year directory (only available to members) discounts (healthcare, overnight mail, dining...), annual competition, gallery.
  • American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
    Marketing and communications, partnerships with industry, conferences, on-line services, merchandising opportunities, and awards and competitions.
  • Assoc. of Women Industrial Designers (AWID)
  • Center for Design & Business
    Assists manufacturers and business owners in the utilization of design to develop more competitive products and businesses; provides guidance to businesses and individuals in the process of bringing new product designs and inventions to market, and provides business skills to artists and designers who are running businesses.
  • Corporate Design Foundation (CDF)
    Research and documentation of the impact of design in business; new teaching curricula and materials for use in business education; design leadership programs.
  • Design Exchange
    Publications: website, on-line encyclopedia, ``DX book", ``HVC book", Journal, Exchange ; IRAP: business assistance, design feasibility reports, research grants; Design Lab; Internships; TAP: Design Intranet; Business Exhibits; School Tours, Design Fairs; Student Competitions; Lectures; Seminars; Professional Development Workshops; Export Missions; and International Promotion. Membership.
  • Organization of Black Designers
    Education to businesses and private communities to the function and necessity of good design within environment.
  • Product Development & Management Association (PDMA)
  • Rhode Island School for Design



  • T-2 Design is a product development company specializing in industrial design and prototyping.
  • GoGGIN Research Corp. combines state-of-the-art technology, and design creativity to provide businesses with a broad spectrum of product development and engineering services.


Multi-Discipline & Plastics

  • Plastic Resource Group offers design and consulting services for manufacturing products with plastics: material choices, processes, part design, testing and cost analysis. Contact or call 620-230-0180
  • T2 Design turns ideas into new products. Services include product design, prototyping, patent searching, development of mechanisms and electronics, engineering drawings for production, manufacturer sourcing and production liaison. T2 Design is "A" rated by the Better Business Bureau. email: Phone: 310-656-9922.
  • FlashPoint Development - Full-service product development and commercialization firm. Design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. Based in Malvern PA. email: Phone: 610.240.4903 Fax: 610.240.4906
  • "Akro-Plastics/Rotationally Molded Plastic Products - Provides design support, engineering, custom colors, molded-in parts and graphics (metal & plastic inserts, locking hinging), spin welding, post molded graphics, 5-axis CNC trimming, complete assembly, packaging. Metal castings. Contact Larry Suba @ Tel: 330-673-6900, email: Fax: 330-673-4940
  • InventAde 3-D Prototypes Designed by Engineers - 3-D prototyping is a vital step to success. InventAde provides a complete 3-D CAD and rapid prototyping service - the inventor can visualize the invention with 3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and then have it quickly made into a 3-D prototype. Contact email: Phone: (209) 327-5119 Mail: PO Box 670, Lodi, CA 95241 web site:
  • Invent Resources - Senior scientists with MIT backgrounds develop new inventions and technologies for clients on a contract basis. This service is called Invention Upon Demand. The group has 100 issued patents and 500 technologies seeking licensees. Web site:
  • Idea 2 Products - Company provides development and manufacturing services in China. Contact: Bo LANG (Vice President, Overseas Marketing) Shenzhen Narda Industrial Co., Ltd. 4th floor, Bldg. No. 7, Pengsheng Xincun, Bagua 1st Road, Shenzhen 518029, P.R.China Tel: +86-755-8249-1804 Fax: +86-755-8249-1476 web site:
  • FDG Engineering Services - Product design and Patent drafting services. Over 15 Years product development experience. Contact: Glenn Freiman (203) 318-8544 email:


  • How Stuff Works - Learn about how things work at this interesting site.
  • McMaster-Carr - McMaster-Carr has a broad selection of materials, parts and products useful for prototyping.
  • ThomasNet - Comprehensive listings of service providers.

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